About Us

About Us

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We look at this as taking responsibility for the community at large. With rampant joblessness this was a manner in which we could help local neighborhoods have sustainable services that utilized locals and kept the cash in the area so that the community would continue to prosper.

This business coordinate with residents and help them develop sustainable services that utilize ethical service practices. Our goals, as can be discovered in our objective declaration is absolutely nothing more than putting Americans back to work and helping local neighborhoods. We provide the software application and innovation to match property owners with qualified service specialists. We facilitate the pricing quote and the payments for the specialists and releasing them as much as get more work done. When you choose Clean Pro, you are choosing thousands of small companies throughout the nation and helping them remain in company during hard financial times.

This small business exists to assist other little companies have the benefits that bigger corporations have in regards to marketing and brand awareness. We have actually discovered that the majority of people prefer assisting their own neighborhood first however typically times can determine who it is because of the boost in corporations crowding out the web.

This is our way of resisting for the local entrepreneur. Its a small step however it truly helps the neighborhood.